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Katherine Reutter

Olympian Katherine Reutter Shares Her Story from TLC The Littleton Clinic on...
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“I am very pleased with my experience at TLC during the 42 day program I surpassed the aggressive weight loss goal that I had set and...
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“Your Lose 20 Pounds in 42 Days Program has changed my outlook After menopause, my weight has been out of control I am almost 62 and will...
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“14 years ago I fell off a ladder and fracture my heel in five places I was mostly pain free for 13 years, but then the pain caught up to...
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“As a running enthusiast for the past four decades, my inability to run was very difficult for me I came to Dr Hopp unable to run due to...
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“Two years after undergoing major surgery on my cervical spine, the pain in my right arm and shoulder was persistently severe My physical...
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