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Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment®

Treatment for Acute and Chronic Pain: Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment®

Our bodies contain billions of nerve cells, all constantly providing feedback to our brains about what is going on in our bodies. This includes telling our brain when something hurts and when we are in pain.

Many times when experiencing pain, what we describe as a “pulled muscle” or a “knot” may actually be nerve tension, where the nerve has become caught in the fascia and is being pulled. However, there are exciting new treatments available to address these issues. TLC offers Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment® as an option for the treatment of both acute and chronic pain.

The Treatment

The Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment® protocol was originally pioneered by New Zealand physician, Dr. John Lyftogt (pronounced “Liftoff”). He has published research and has found great results with this type of treatment. Prior to any treatment being performed, a trained physician should provide an accurate diagnosis and assessment of your symptoms. Dr. Hopp has been trained by Dr. Lyftogt and is certified to administer this treatment.

Dr. Hopp will first perform a physical exam to determine the potential cause of your pain and assess if this treatment would be appropriate to treat your specific situation. The treatment utilizes a buffered, diluted glucose (sugar) solution and a series of microinjections are performed around the affected area. Not only is the affected area treated, but oftentimes patients have good results from treating the entire distribution of the nerve.

Overall, the goal is to have you leave the office pain-free. Most people will experience pain relief for multiple hours up to multiple days, then will notice a recurrence of their symptoms. With each subsequent treatment, your nerves are being “calmed down”, and the results last longer. Many patients require 6-8 treatments, approximately once per week, with improving results each time.

The Science

Not only have we seen the powerful effects of P.I.T.TM with our own eyes, but the science backs it up as well! In our nerve cells, we have various receptors and fibers that are equipped to sense a variety of stimuli including those that are chemical, physical and hormonal. Some of these fibers, up to about half, are called “pain fibers”, or more scientifically, peptidergic nociceptors. When these are activated, they sometimes don’t shut off properly and contribute to chronic pain.

The Lyftoft Perineural Injection Treatment® works to responds to neurogenic inflammation and restore homeostasis to the internal environment of the nerve. It “calms down” the nerves, and allows them to return to the state where they should exist. Part of this is related to the mechanism of peptidergic nociceptors themselves. In addition to transmitting impulses regarding pain, they are also able to detect imbalances in acid levels or glucose levels. By introducing a glucose/sugar solution, homeostasis can be restored, and pain can be relieved.

Most patients require between 6 and 8 treatments, with increasing efficacy between each. Many people find themselves pain free in the long-term, though results may vary. As Dr. Lyftogt states, “a good ‘rule of thumb’ is that 85% of people resolve their pain completely, with many more experiencing significant improvement.”

We have seen patients in our office who have suffered with chronic pain for many years that are now pain-free because of this revolutionary treatment method. We have seen it work, and think it may be able to help you too. Call our office at 720-351-2411 to set up an appointment.

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