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Success Stories

General Testimonial

“Two years after undergoing major surgery on my cervical spine, the pain in my right arm and shoulder was persistently severe. My physical therapist recommended a consult with Dr. Hopp, and I am thankful she did! The treatments Dr. Hopp has given me have settled the pain in my arm and shoulder significantly. Dr. Hopp also suggested that I do exercises with the fitness coordinator, Savanna. This has helped me with so many things. My strength is better and my pain is diminished. My self confidence has significantly improved!

The entire staff at TLC has been so caring and helpful in my recovery. I now recommend anyone who asks to pursue care at The Littleton Clinic.


Regenerative Orthopedics

“As a running enthusiast for the past four decades, my inability to run was very difficult for me. I came to Dr. Hopp unable to run due to two significant tears in my left knee. In short, my experience with PRP has been a rousing success! I can now run multiple times per week and am getting more capable as time passes.

Bottom line, I highly recommend the PRP procedure at TLC! It has been the reason for being able to extend my running days. Thanks for the support!”


“14 years ago I fell off a ladder and fracture my heel in five places. I was mostly pain free for 13 years, but then the pain caught up to me. I was in pain 100% of the time. My foot doctor suggested cortisone, then fusing my ankle, but I wanted to look for other options. I looked around and found prolotherapy at The Littleton Clinic. I have been getting treatments for a year now and it has helped greatly. I am back to 90% pain free and hope to get better.”


Weight Loss & Fitness

“Your Lose 20 Pounds in 42 Days Program has changed my outlook. After menopause, my weight has been out of control. I am almost 62 and will be retiring soon. I want to have the energy and ability to enjoy my retirement!

I received an email from TLC about the Lose 20 Pounds in 42 Days challenge and I was ready to try. Understanding where I was starting with metabolic testing, functional movement screening and blood work helped to enforce in my mind I had made the right decision. All the support offered in keeping the food journal, meal planning and fitness classes has helped me stay on track.

TLC has been amazing with the support in the small fitness classes! One-on-one attention and adjustments to exercises so I can do them while still making an impact in my fitness has been priceless. I am starting to feel muscles where I have not felt them in a long time. It has not always been easy, but it has been worth it.

I just want to say thank you to both Dr. Hopp and the TLC fitness team. Having lost over 24 pounds, I am on my way to a healthy and active retirement. I look forward to continuing the weight loss and fitness program to reach my goals! Thank you so much.”


“I am very pleased with my experience at TLC during the 42 day program. I surpassed the aggressive weight loss goal that I had set and actually lost 24.5 pounds! TLC provided a medically-sound approach to ‘clean’ eating and carefully designed workouts that adjust to a wide range of physical capabilities.

TLC offers a variety of exercises classes that make my workouts effective, challenging and different.

The fitness staff has helped me be successful. They encouraged me to work hard, fight cravings, try new foods and make the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve my goal. As a result, I feel stronger, my mind is clearer, and I feel 10 years younger. I highly recommend the TLC program!”