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Gifts and Gratitude not Stress and Sadness: How to conquer the Holidays

The holidays can be a time of family gatherings and joy, but can also increase feelings of isolation and stressors It’s important to...
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Balancing Act: Strategies for Stability

Human balance is an incredible and intricate system that helps prevent falls and allows your brain to know where your body is oriented...
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Toxic Sunscreen?

It’s finally summer! Before you hit the pool, remember your sun protection! The most effective sun protection is to find shade, wear...
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Want to avoid flu and colds?

  Cold and flu season is upon us Try one of the tips below to keep you healthy this season   1 Wash your hands...
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Gratitude Tuesday

Practicing Gratitude   Thanksgiving is full of food, family and traveling With all the busyness it is important to remember...
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7 Lies You Shouldn’t Believe

  5 more minutes of sleep will help me: Hitting the snooze button sounds nice when your sleepy, but you'll get much more...
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