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7 Lies You Shouldn't Believe


  1. 5 more minutes of sleep will help me: Hitting the snooze button sounds nice when your sleepy, but you’ll get much more benefit from going to sleep earlier and not interrupting the last 30 minutes of your sleep every 5 minutes. Science suggests that using the snooze button does more harm than good.
  2. I can’t change: Change is possible if you go at it the right way. Trying to change everything at once doesn’t work. It takes time and repetition to make behavior changes. Aim for consistency over time not quantity.
  3. I need ________ to be happy: The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The only word that fits into this statement is contentment. The idea that you need anything else isn’t true.
  4. I am better or worse than other people: We categorize people by height, income, weight, race and favorite sporting team. But, what we forget is that we are all human, we are all important and valuable and we all bring something to the table.
  5. The world is against me: We teach the world how to treat us. The world isn’t against you, it just hasn’t noticed you yet. Keep trying!
  6. My dreams are dead: As long as you are alive, so are your dreams.
  7. I want sweets: Your taste buds want sweets, and your brain probably wants the sugar triggering reward. But, ultimately your body wants broccoli. 


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