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Balancing Act: Strategies for Stability

Human balance is an incredible and intricate system that helps prevent falls and allows your brain to know where your body is oriented. The human balance system works by communication of the inner ear, eyes, muscles, joints, and the brain. As people age, they lose muscle strength, joint flexibility, and their vision may decrease. All of these factors, along with possible inner ear dysfunction, can contribute to imbalance.

Though you may think that your body practices balancing every day, there are many exercises you can do to increase your stability. Studies have shown that doing balance exercises can help prevent falls and improve quality of life. Below is a list of strategies you can do for balance improvement. When trying balance exercises, it is important to have something stable nearby like a wall or sturdy chair so that you can grab it if needed.

One-legged Balance

Stand on one leg and bend your other leg at the knee. Try focusing on a spot on the ground or the wall. Balance for several seconds while keeping your back straight. Try closing your eyes while balancing. Switch legs and try the technique again.

Heel to Toe

Walk in a straight line by touching the heel of one foot and the toe of the other foot. Now try this walking backward. Next try with your eyes closed walking backward and forwards.

Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi

In Yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi, you move in many positions that involve balance.

Strength Training

Strength training helps your body gain muscle mass and improves balance. Get a personal trainer, workout in a gym, or just lift weights at home.

Use a Wobble Board

Stand on a wobble board, snowboard, or surfboard. A wobble board is a wooden board with a round rubber bottom that makes the board difficult to balance on. The boards come in various difficulty levels, depending on how easy it is to balance on.




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