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Covid-19 Vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to kill thousands of people every day. The newer strains seem to be even more contagious than the old strain. It is just a matter of time before we will all be exposed to the virus. The vaccine is our primary defense. Pfizer and Moderna have made mRNA vaccines. RNA is a string of nucleic acids that give our cells the directions for how to make proteins. mRNA vaccines have been in development for many years, long before our current pandemic. They are safe. The mRNA vaccines were programmed to allow our cells to make the spike protein on the coronavirus. Our body can start making spike proteins and then we form antibodies to the spike which protect us from getting coronavirus. Because the spike is not connected to the rest of a viral particle we get protection without getting sick.

There are mistaken conceptions the vaccine gets into our DNA. DNA is in the nucleus of the cell and the vaccine does not affect the nucleus at all. Remember, YOU WILL GET THE DISEASE OR THE VACCINE. YOU PICK. The vaccine has been given to millions of people with very few complications. Thousands have died from the disease. It is that simple.

TLC has signed up to distribute the Covid vaccine but doctor offices and pharmacies are not currently being allocated vaccines. We do not know if and when that will change. In the meantime, you must do what you can to find a large distributor and get an appointment with them. We have provided 5 links in this email to help the 65 and older sign up to get the vaccine. Register with each facility.

Centura Health:

Kaiser Permanente can sign up even if you do not have Kaiser:

National Jewish:

SCL Health: You have to check regularly for available appointments:




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