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Regrow Your Hair With Blood!


Use your blood to treat hair loss! 

Have you been embarrassed by hair loss? Be embarrassed no more! TLC is offering PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) treatments to promote hair regrowth!  

PRP is known for its ability to boost healing and rejuvenate injured joints, but the same mechanism also works to boost hair growth! The regenerative properties of PRP cause dormant hair follicles to reactivate, giving you thicker and more dense hair.  

It’s quick, safe, and effective 

Unlike medications for hair loss, PRP injections have zero side-effects. Because it comes from your own blood, there is no risk of adverse reactions. Hair transplants can be very expensive (around $15,000!) and have the associated risks of a surgical procedure. PRP injections require no sedation, no down time, and cause minimal pain! 

This simple 2-hour procedure has been proven to provide results! The process consists of 3 steps.  

  1. Blood draw – Approximately 30cc of your own blood will be drawn.  
  2. Centrifugation – The blood will be placed in a centrifuge, where it will be spun and separated into the red blood cells and plasma. The plasma, which contains the platelets and growth factors, is isolated as PRP.  
  3. Injections – The PRP is meticulously injected at sites ½ inch apart. If requested, microneedling can be performed as well. This increases the vascularization of the area. Patients report the pain is minimal, but a topical anesthetic is used to make the procedure as painless as possible.  

Are you a good candidate for hair PRP? 

While PRP has been shown to be a good option for many people, some medical conditions may interfere with the treatment. Those with thyroid disease, hormone imbalances, or iron deficiencies may want to have their levels treated before pursuing treatment. Optimization of other nutrient levels may be important as well. These include B-vitamins (especially biotin), collagen, and iron supplements.  

Where’s the research? 

Studies have shown a 30-40% improvement after PRP treatments. A 2014 study showed that PRP helped to regrow hair when medications had failed. In 2017, another study showed a measurable increase in hair and hair density after PRP treatment.  

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