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Stem Cells – How to Choose the Best

Has chronic knee pain placed limitations on your lifestyle? Reclaim your life today with STEM CELL THERAPY at TLC The Littleton Clinic!  

When considering any type of medical procedure, you want to know you are receiving the best treatment available. There are LOTS of options for stem cell therapy, and some are more effective than others. Let us show you 3 reasons why TLC and Dr. Maria Hopp are the best choice for your care! 

  1. Dr. Hopp has extensive training and experience

Stem cell therapy is an orthopedic medical procedure, and should be performed by a physician who has completed extensive training in this field. In order to offer you the best treatment possible, Dr. Hopp has been trained and certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM) to perform these exact procedures. Dr. Hopp has been performing regenerative treatments since 2014. 

  1. TLC uses bone marrow stem cells

Amniotic or umbilical-cord derived stem cells may appeal to patients because they are easy to obtain, but this comes at a loss of efficacy. The FDA requires these types of stem cells to be extensively cleaned after being harvested. After this, they are frozen for shipment. This essentially kills the cells.  

Research has shown that bone-marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells, harvested from your own iliac crest (hip bones) are much more regenerative than killed stem cells from someone else. Because they are your own stem cells, there is no risk of rejection. These stem cells are already programmed to become tissue like cartilage, so they are “ready to go” when you inject them into the joint. At TLC, we dedicate ourselves to giving you the best outcome possible. For this reason, we exclusively use your own pure, bone-marrow derived stem cells.  

  1. We treat the ENTIRE joint

Nearly as important as the type of stem cells used is the number and type of injections performed. On a large joint like the knee, more than one injection is needed. In order to get the best outcome, the entire knee and supporting ligaments must be treated. This requires multiple injections at various places in the knee. A single injection may provide some improvement, but this benefit increases dramatically when the entire joint is treated.  

In order to accurately treat the joint, your doctor should be able to see what they are doing. Without imaging, risk of injury during the procedure is much higher. Dr. Hopp is certified by RMSK for ultrasound, and uses ultrasound guidance throughout the procedure. This allows her to accurately place the healing stem cells exactly where they need to go. 

Learn more about stem cell treatment:

We know that choosing medical treatment can be a daunting task, and we want to make that decision as easy as possible. We will happily answer any questions you have about stem cell therapy at TLC. Give us a call today! 

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