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The problem with the human body is that it gets worn out over time. One of the most commonly affected joints in the body is the knee. Injuries, like those sustained during activities like athletics, running, or skiing, can significantly accelerate the degeneration of this joint.  Osteoarthritis is the number one cause of chronic knee pain, affecting nearly 20% of Americans over the age of 45. This frequently limits activities, interferes with weight loss, and causes immobility. Knee replacements or steroid injections are the most common forms of treatment, but neither of these are ideal long-term solutions. 

Thankfully, there is now a proven treatment to help reduce pain and increase joint longevity! 

STEM CELL THERAPY is the process of using your body’s own stem cells to help repair joints. Stem cells are the body’s building blocks, and are unique because they can become many different types of cells. By harnessing this ability, we can regenerate damaged cartilage and strengthen ligaments. This improves the stability of joints, reducing pain in the area, helping YOU get back to the activities you enjoy!

The procedure begins by isolating bone marrow from deposits in the bones in your hips. The bone marrow is then centrifuged so that a pure concentration of stem cells is isolated. Using a local anesthetic and ultrasound guidance, these growth-promoting cells are injected directly into the knee joint, where they begin to work their magic. Multiple sites are injected so that the entire knee gets the healing treatment.

The recovery process is MUCH easier than a full knee replacement surgery. Patients should not put weight on their knee for the first 3 days, and should wear an unloading brace for knee stability. After 3 days, patients can begin walking while wearing their brace, and after 2 weeks can begin doing stationary cycling exercises. Most patients notice improvement within the first 2 months, but the regenerative effects continue for 6-9 months following the procedure.  

The entire procedure takes only about 2 hours and is performed in-house at TLC. Dr. Maria Hopp has been trained and IROM certified by the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine to perform these types of procedures. She has been practicing these since 2014.  

Stem cell therapy has helped countless athletes and outdoor enthusiasts return to the activities they love. Don‘t let your chronic pain keep you from achieving your goals! Call and schedule a consultation today! 

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*Stem cell therapy is also available to treat chronic pain in the low back, shoulder, hips, and ankles.  


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