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A Successful Dementia Treatment Program?

Have you heard about the race to end Alzheimer’s? Sadly, this disease afflicts more than 5.8 million Americans, and nearly 1/10 Americans will be diagnosed with this in their lifetime. Physicians and researchers have been searching for a cure for Alzheimer’s but have not found one yet. This article describes the most recent failed drug trials.  

It is possible that there will never be a single medication to treat Alzheimer’s dementia. Dr. Dale Bredesen has theorized that dementia is a problem caused by “36 holes in the roof,” and only by taking a comprehensive approach are we able to treat the disease. This is why we at TLC The Littleton Clinic offer The Bredesen Protocol, designed to help patients prevent and reverse cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s dementia. By focusing on lifestyle changes, our patients have been able to stabilize and even improve their cognition! You can read more about the program here. Call us to get your life back today!  

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  • Nancy G says:

    I have been working with Dr. Hopp and her wonderful staff using this protocol with much success. They have helped me get my life back. They have been there to help me every step of the way.

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