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DIY Surgical Mask Video

Dr. Hopp recently made a video to on how to make a DIY surgical mask using the instructions from the previous blog. We encourage you to make one for yourself and would appreciate anyone who can make additional masks for TLC.

If you need a copy of the pattern or instructions click the link below.

DIY Surgical Mask with Pocket for Filter

DIY Surgical Mask with Pocket for Filter


  • laura milleville says:

    Thank you for this! I have posted the link on Nextdoor for all the neighbors busy sewing. I have plenty of those bags. You’re awesome.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks for your help with getting the word out!

      • Laura says:

        Ok, so for the nose-piece I used a heavy-duty “twistie” from my bag of coffee (Starbucks and Dazbog brands have on their package tops to keep the bag shut) . Makes a nice secure fit! Also, with the elastic shortage in stores, someone mentioned that a bungee cord actually has three or so elastic bands inside…bungee surgery is on my agenda tomorrow. I read that this virus is easily destroyed by warm soapy water, so I plan to hand wash and rinse well to maintain the nice shape. Do you think that is ok? Thank you Maria for a great tutorial and being so proactive!

        • TLC Staff says:

          Hi Laura. We recommend drying in the dryer. In addition to the washing, the heat of the dryer can help kill anything that might be on the mask.

  • Carole zidan says:


    I can’t sew at all and don’t even have a sewing machine. Plus I am not going out except to walk around the neighborhood.

    Would it help if I sent a check to buy some of the materials like the elastic?

    • TLC Staff says:

      Thank you for the generous offer. At this point, what we need most is people who can sew. If you are able to sew but can’t find the materials, call our office. We may be able to supply you with materials. The hardest thing to find right now is the elastic.

  • Paulette Gagnon says:

    Great video…thanks Dr. Hopp. I have some bags but they are the ripstop water repellent bags…are these breathable for a sustained length of time?

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